Cherat packaging Ltd, 5th papersack plant commissioned

/Cherat Packaging Limited (CPL) has installed and commissioned the fifth papersack plant – Universal Papersack Line for producing cement bags.

The fifth line of papersack cement bag manufacturing plant has been acquired from leading European supplier namely M/s Windmoller and Holscher. It is one of the most advanced plants in the world.

With this extension, the production capacity of the company has increased from 265 million to 400 million paper bags per annum, the company in material information sent to Pakistan Stock Exchange said. Besides conventional cement bags, it will also be able to produce smaller sized bags for other related products. The new plant has been installed at the existing factory site of the Company in Gadoon Amazai, KPK province.

With the enhancement of production capacity of papersack plant, the company is confident of continuing to remain the market leader in cement packaging. Additionally, by virtue of this expansion, the company will be able to better allocate its fixed costs and capitalize on its strong relationship with the existing customer base. Furthermore, it will also be able to cater to the requirement of smaller bags for other sectors.