CAP and LCCI signs MoU

Constructors Association of Pakistan (CAP) and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by virtue of which the Association has declared LCCI as permanent venue for settlement of commercial, corporate and other disputes of its members and other groups through Arbitration and Mediation.

Constructors Association, as a result of this MoU, will refer disputes of its members and other relevant groups to LCCI for amicable settlement through mediation in accordance with LCCI Mediation Centre rules and regulations.

CAP Chairman Engr. Sikandar Hayat Khattak and LCCI President Abdul Basit inked the document on behalf of their organizations at a ceremony held the other day. Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah was also present on this occasion.

LCCI is providing and promoting the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms for resolution of disputes, including mediation by litigants and disputants so that disputes are resolved out of court and burden of caseload on judiciary is reduced thereby reducing time and cost of dispute resolution for litigants and disputants and increasing the efficiency of courts.

Both the parties will also establish effective consultation, co-operation and the exchange of information on mediation and CAP will encourage its members to use LCCI mediation centre for settlement of disputes. The LCCI will appoint permanent member of staff to serve as focal point for execution of the MoU while CAP will hold awareness events in form of seminars, workshops, presentations for its members and other stakeholders and invite LCCI to lead such events.

Speaking on this occasion, CAP Chairman Sikandar Hayat Khattak appreciated the efforts of the LCCI for setting up mediation centre to resolve the issues being faced by its members or other sections of trade and industry out of the court and on emergent basis. He said that they would be encouraging their members to take full advantage of this service of the alternate dispute resolution mechanism.