Berlin Petroleum entering Pakistan

According to a press release, Berlin Petroleum (Private) Ltd is excited to launch their products in Pakistan for the first time. Berlin is the capital of Germany. Since decades German products are the metaphor for quality and precision, and we at Berlin Petroleum are committed to bring the supreme quality of German technology lubricants to Pakistan. Our obsession with quality makes us unique in the lubricant world. That’s why we rightly claim “Berlin is Quality”.

The products have been categorized into consumer products and industrial commercial products. The former of these includes Passenger Car Motor Oil, Diesel Engine and Motor Cycle Oil. The industrial products offered by Berlin Petroleum are Hydraulic Oil and Compressor Oil, Industrial Gear Oil, Cutting Oil, Grease and Generator Oil. Other products that Berlin Petroleum offers include but are not limited to Break Oil, Gear Oil, Coolants, Filters and PSF (Power Steering Fluid). Keep your eyes peeled for Berlin Petroleum products which will be available locally soon. We will have our stations and shops set up to entertain the customers.