Autonics Vision Sensors: Streamlined Industrial Inspection in Partnership with Jubilee Corporation

Autonics, a trusted name with over 45 years of experience, continues to elevate industry standards with its VG Series Color Vision Sensors. Designed to simplify inspection tasks, the VG Series offers a robust and user-friendly solution for various industrial applications. Partnering with Jubilee Corporation, their authorized distributor since 1980s, Autonics empowers Pakistani industries to revolutionize their inspection processes.

Integrated Design for Ease of Use

The VG Series features a unique integrated design, combining camera, lens, and LED lighting into a single compact unit. This eliminates the need for complex setup procedures associated with traditional vision systems and minimizes potential alignment issues.
Enhanced Image Capture

The VG Series utilizes a high-performance camera with a global shutter mechanism. This technology captures clear, undistorted images of fast-moving objects on a production line, ensuring accurate inspection results.

Comprehensive Inspection Capabilities

The VG Series boasts a versatile set of 13 inspection functions. These functions allow users to verify object presence, measure dimensions, identify color and patterns, and perform object counting tasks.

Enhanced Functionality

For complex inspection tasks, the VG Series facilitates the creation of up to 32 separate workgroups, each with 64 inspection points. Additionally, captured inspection data can be saved directly to FTP servers for centralized management and analysis.
User-Friendly Software
Autonics provides the complimentary Vision Master software with the VG Series for managing inspection parameters, monitoring results, and sending data to FTP servers.
In conclusion, the Autonics color vision sensors, offered in collaboration with Jubilee Corporation, provide a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for industrial inspection tasks in Pakistan.
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