Auto Industry may take 2 more years to switch to Euro IV

A top Japanese car assembling company has told that due to common White Oil Pipeline Project (WOPP) and anticipated facility advancements at few local plants, it may not be possible to ensure Euro IV/V fuel at selling stage across Pakistan. Assuredly, Government would be working to plan mechanisms for guaranteeing fuel quality at selling stage for end users. The country’s automotive industry has purportedly hunted two years to switch over to Euro IV/ V fuel or reject current models under invention in the country. Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) has forbidden Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) to import petrol below Euro-V after August 1, 2020.CCoE decided that the process of switching of petrol imports to Euro-V stipulations would be started straightaway. Imports of petrol below Euro-V specifications shall not be allowed to any OMC beyond August 1, 2020.The government has decided that all imports of diesel shall obey to Euro-V stipulations with effect from January 2021. In the temporary period, efforts shall be made to import Euro-V, however in case of its non-availability under the long- term agreement with Kuwait Petroleum Company, diesel of Euro-IV specification shall be imported.