AI Festival held at NED University


The Artificial Intelligence Club of NED University organized their flagship event, AI Festival 2.0, around computer technology.

The event showcased technologies like AI, IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and more. They had Speaking Sessions from top industry professionals, Project Exhibitions of all kinds of computer projects, Competitions, Workshops on all advertised technologies and a lot more.

This is not the first time they organised something like this either. They had the first iteration of this event last year which was also very successful.

Dr Muhammad Khurram, Head of Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (RCAI) said, “The speaking sessions were very informative. The speakers talked about how Artificial Intelligence is gradually transforming the world and how it is bringing a change in Pakistan. A VR based project has also been shown related to Self-driving assessment and fire extinguisher,”

The festival consisted of exclusive Si-Five hackathon as well as four workshops on four different technologies, namely, Data Science, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Internet of Things (IoT) and a competition of SiFive based Hifive kitboards.