Ageco (Pvt) Ltd, Solar cars can change nation’s destiny

The company was established with the name of “AGECO” in 1980 and registered as AGECO (Pvt.) Ltd. in 1988.

We have completed 50 HVAC Projects in Government and Semi Government sectors all over the country till 1996.

Ageco are the Pioneers in Introducing Designing and manufacturing of Riskless & Energy Saving Central Heating System in Pakistan since 1997 under the brand name “ECONOMIA”. They have installed this system successfully on more than 25000 Locations.

Ageco have extended their manufacturing range:

In 2004 Central Air Conditioning Chiller up to 30 TR, AHU up to 50 TR and FCU Decorative/Concealed etc.

In 2006 Clean Room HVAC System for Pharmaceutical industries.

In 2009 Solar Street Light, Solar Garden Light and Solar Home System.

In March 2011 Vertical Axial Wind Turbine from 2 KW to 10KW 100% indigenous.

In July 2011, Geothermal Heat Pump Units for Central Heating Boiler.

In Oct 2012, Grid Hybrid Solar Home System.

In July 2013 Portable and Bed A/C operated on Inverter/Solar.

In March 2014, Solar Golf Cart, Solar Shuttle and Solar Hybrid Car without Engine.

In 2016 we designed 3-wheeler Solar Electric Bike.

In 2017 we started manufacturing for organizations and started delivery of vehicles.

At present under negotiation with many investors for setup of Solar Electric Cars, focus on 100 Cars per day as it is 2nd home car of every user which produces 50 km self-generation and 100 km backup at one charge drive and it can be extended up to 200 km. The benefits of these Solar Electric vehicles are:

  1. Number of vehicles as on road fuel import bill will reduce.
  2. It will help to reduce the pollution as there is no engine.
  3. No engine maintenance required and much cheaper than conventional fuel in case of external Power charging due to bad weather or over running than solar generation power.