Affectees of Mirani Dam demand increase in compensation rate

The senate standing committee on Water Resources met under the chairmanship of Senator Shamim Afridi, and heard the views of departments concerned with respect to delay in payment of compensation to more than 2700 affectees of Mirani Dam. Senator Mir Kabeer Ahmed Muhammad Shahi had taken up the issue in the Senate a few months ago which was referred to the Standing Committee to determine ways and means to resolve this issue.
The committee observed that due to the devaluation of rupee the affectees now demand a 300 per cent increase in compensation rates. Numerous upstream orchards were destroyed as a result of which mass migrations took place and now those people are living in very bad condition. Senator Mir Kabeer argued that the survey of the affectees was conducted in 2004 but compensation will be given in 2019, which is unfair.

The committee directed the federal and provincial authorities to deposit the compensation amount in the account of Deputy Commissioner within two months. The committee further directed that the worth of dollar in 2002 must be kept in mind while paying to the affectees in accordance with the decision of 2015.
The committee was informed that Rs 970 million will be released by the 4th week of May whereas federal and provincial governments are yet to pay Rs 1.75 billion each.