Affectees of Dasu Hydropower Project demand higher compensation


The price of land for Dasu Hydropower Project (DHP) has increased by about 95 percent from Rs 19 billion to Rs 37 billion as the affectees have refused to accept the initially approved amount. This was revealed by Member Water, (Wapda) to the Senate Standing Committee on Water Resources, presided over by Senator Shamim Afridi.
The documents shared with the committee show that out of total required land of 9,875 acres only 740 acres of land was acquired.
The committee was briefed that project affectees did not accept the land rates approved by the ECNEC in November 2015 and raised the following demands: (i) increase in land rate for all categories in project; and (ii) compensation on account of houses/ construction/ terraces/fields and development made after imposition of section-4.
Chairman Standing Committee observed that the rate of land will increase with each passing day, urging the government to acquire land as early as possible. In reply to a question, the Project Director stated that District Administration has paid Rs 2 billion to the affectees and still Rs 4 billion is available with the Administration to the affectees.