AE Power: The leading brand in Renewable Energy Industry

Mr. Naveed Karar, Director, AE Power talks to Engineering Post

AE Power is the leading trading company in Pakistan dealing with solar panels inverters and batteries distribution in the country. The company Focuses on the providing of top quality photovoltaic modules and specializes in PV Technology innovation, application, and system development. The company is a key component supplier and project developer in the country. With three different offices in Pakistan the company already has a well-established distribution network in the country supplying quality products to the end users.

Engineering Post during an exclusive interview with Mr. Naveed Karar, Director AE Power got to know about the journey of the company and its directors. AE Power started its journey as a trading company dealing in industrial semiconductors and supplying the industrial units in the area. The company kept dealing solely with electronic components till 2012. Then in 2012 AE Power diversified its product range by adding solar products in its portfolio including PV panels, Inverters, batteries etc. “We recognized the huge potential of Solar power at that time and decided to add it to the portfolio of our company as it would be the next big thing in the future,”.

AE Power is being managed by three partners namely Mr. Rana Abbas, Mr. Ali Rafique and Mr. Naveed Karar. This group of the visionary businessmen saw the potential for growth in solar power generation and took the risk of stepping in as early as 2012. AE Power deals with Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, Pylontech Lithium Ion Batteries, Ritar Dry Batteries and Solis On Grid & Hybrid Inverters. AE Power is the authorized distributor for the products of these companies and has successfully served a large number of clients with these products. During the conversation Mr. Naveed Karar explained “We provide after sales services for the products as well and gives quick response to the queries and resolve the issues in minimum time period and if there is any replacement after complain diagnose, we replace them with new ones within 48 hours of complaint,” he said.

With the increasing demand in the market AE Power is also planning to expand. The company already has three operational offices at Karachi, Lahore and Gujranwala and is enjoying a respectable market shares. During the exclusive interview, Mr. Naveed Karar revealed that AE Power will also be moving towards installations of EPC Projects in near future “The Lahore office of AE Power has already started installation of EPC Projects and we will be expanding it to Karachi as well” he said.

The most significant problem faced by the consumers is the B-grade panels available in the market and layman cannot distinguish between an A grade and a B grade panel, which results in people falling for low quality materials. To save the consumers from the low quality products, authorized dealers like AE Power are available in the market who can procure the products through proper channels and are authorized dealers of the company offering quality products to the consumers. While commenting in this Mr. Naveed Karar said, “The proper high quality panels can only be arranged through proper channels. People should only deal with company’s authorized dealers to make sure they are getting all original products,”