Exploring the world of solar energy with Engr. Ghufran Ali Khan

Managing Director, R & R Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

With the passage of time the reliance on fossil fuels for the generation of energy is decreasing and the world is looking towards green and renewable sources of energy without further damaging the environment. In this scenario Solar energy is one of the best options for generation of clean and renewable energy.

R&R Engineering Pvt. Limited is one of the companies providing reliable and cost effective solar solutions in Pakistan. To know more about the workings of the company Engineering Post went to Mr Ghufran Ali Khan who is currently serving as the Managing Director (MD) of R&R Engineering Pvt. Limited. During the conversation he revealed that R&R is providing world class Solar PV solutions, including  Solar PV, Battery storage and EV charging and asset management solutions in Pakistan “All of our systems are designed using industry-leading specifications and equipment and our record of accomplishment in our sector is the best,” he said.

R&R designs and installs the Solar PV system based on the unique energy profile of the client, ensuring maximum efficiency and optimal maximum ROI. The company specializes in solar PV solutions, lighting and electrical systems, cable networking and data communication systems, importing of the highest quality solar panels and inverters, EV chargers, electrical transformers, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), Control and monitoring equipment’s and battery storage solutions. While explaining the working philosopy of the company Mr. Ghufran Ali said “We provide only the best quality products to our clients which is why we are working with Jinko, Longi and Trina, for solar panels while for inverters we use i SMA, Fronius and Huawei. Out EV charger are from Rolec and Zappi which are UK manufactured brands.”

R&R also offers asset management services to its clients. When asked to explain the concept and real world application of asset management Mr. Ghufran Ali said “We offer a fully comprehensive Asset Management service that provides total peace of mind. We have a deep understanding of not just the technology underpinning your solar panels, but also the regulatory and legal processes that govern them, so we can take care of everything from preventative maintenance to enhancing performance through detailed data analysis. This provides you with reduced carbon footprint, cost savings, enhanced energy independence and security, and ultimately a solid return of investment.” He explained.

R&R engineering Pvt. Ltd. has been a part of a large number of major projects in Pakistan including Artistic Fabric Mills, Pfizer, CNCD, Artistic Garments Industries, United Medical and Dental College, Artistic Denim Mills, Nueplex plus hundreds of domestic and commercial projects. During the conversation we asked Mr. Gufran Ali about the final goal of the company. He very eloquently replied “We want to help the country utilize maximum gains possible from the solar PV technology and help in being a major step in the advancement of the power development to provide an ecologically friendly, sustainable and conflict free energy to overcome the huge dilemma of load shedding, thus, boosting the technological development of Pakistan.”