“Advancing Energy Efficient Buildings: Sustainable Architecture”: LUMS Energy Institute’s Report

The LUMS Energy Institute (LEI), dedicated to advancing Pakistan’s energy sector, has released the
“Advancing Energy Efficient Buildings: Sustainable Architecture” report, addressing the energy crisis.
Dr. Fiaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Director of LEI, highlighted Pakistan’s unsustainable $100 billion power
spending, mainly for summer cooling. He urged adopting energy-efficient practices, potentially halving
cooling demands and saving billions. Seasonal electricity fluctuations, notably high summer cooling
needs, require 18,000 MW additional power, costing nearly $100 billion yearly. This inefficiency results
in over Rs 2 trillion obligations, burdening a low-GDP contributing sector. The report outlines energy-
efficient methods in residential construction, suggesting local materials, Building Information Modelling
(BIM), and cost-benefit analyses. Dr. Chaudhry stressed the report’s significance as a blueprint for
Pakistan’s sustainable architecture, aiming for a shift towards environmentally friendly and energy-
efficient building practices.