Access to Energy (A2E) program Schneider Electric Pakistan launches 1st batch of electrical labs

Schneider Electric is a Global leader in Energy Management and Automation. A major employer in the energy management sector in Pakistan offering integrated solutions across multiple market segments including leadership positions in non-residential and residential buildings, industries and machines manufacturers as well as utilities and infrastructure.


Schneider Electric contributes to poverty alleviation and environment protection in an innovative and economically sustainable way.  Wishing to become involved in helping to train vulnerable people in the electricity professions and to develop entrepreneurship, Schneider Electric is rolling out Access to Energy (A2E) Program in Pakistan focusing on establishment of Electrical Labs through Partnership with renowned institutions to support & contribute in developing and training underprivileged youth to earn a better livelihood.  The project aims at improving and increasing vocational training education in Pakistan in the growing energy industry with a specific focus on electricity in order to ensure availability of skilled workforce in this specific industry.


Schneider Electric Pakistan has rolled out 1st batch of 5 electrical labs completed in Pakistan, in November 2017. Among the cities concerned: Lahore (2 labs), Wazirabad (1 lab) and Gujranwala (2 labs).


Formal MoUs between local organizations and Schneider Electric planned the completion of 52 labs for 2017~19. Respectively 25 labs in partnership with the Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), 25 others labs with the Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) and 02 labs with Muslim Hands.  Already 201 students have started the short-term training of 6 months. The target of students to be registered with these MoUs will be close to 6,000 on the completion of all labs. In order to raise the standard of training in these institutes;  Schneider Electric will also provide overseas training to selected Trainers of these institutes on latest developments and solutions under its ToT (Training of Trainers) program.


Following the vocational training at Schneider Electric labs, students will have the basic skills needed to work in energy-related fields (as electricians, electrical maintenance technicians, etc.). Alternatively, they may opt to enter further education or apply for Access to Energy Programme support on setting up their own businesses.


Schneider Electric wishes much success to all the students.