A To Zee Switchgear Engineering

Decades of world wide experience in manufacturing low voltage distribution equipment

A to Zee Engineering Services was established in 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan  and has earned the distinction of being the most sophisticated quality switchgear and panel board manufacturing company in the entire country.

The company being run by professionals has a fully automated plant with the latest equipment backed by Computer Aided Design machines which gives a great room to respond to instantaneous change by the client.

A to Zee product design is based on the most modern & unique modular system and is built to the most demanding shape and size of enclosures system offering total flexibility.

A to Zee is dedicated to the highest standards of technology and design; its products are simple, strong, safe and aesthetically superb. The range of system starts from standard box construction to innovative modular compartment system.

Company believes that a firm information base is essential for success. Information is crucial for selecting appropriate technologies and identifying suitable supplies of equipment, services, venture partners and distributors.

The history of A to Zee of Pakistan parallels the history of electricity in the country itself. From the very beginning A to Zee has been developing, manufacturing and supplying equipment and enclosures for anyone connected to electricity in any way.

Thus A to Zee draws on a wealth of experience from Low Tension Switchboards to instrumentation panels enclosed in enclosures which can tolerate the harshest environment offered by an industry.

Through the years we have discovered the best and the most cost effective ways to produce our products keeping in view the maintenance as well as protecting operator’s from electrical hazards and bad ergonomic design.

The combination of over a decade of world wide experience in manufacturing low voltage distribution equipment, modern techniques in estimating, drawing, manufacturing and quality control has enabled us to offer the unrivaled service and reliability that one would expect from the market leader.

A to Zee is the sum total of undaunted efforts its technocrats who have left no stone unturned to establish the best system integrating company in the Pakistan a reality. For them it was a dream comes true.

A to Zee pay careful attention towards human resources during the designing phase. The capability of the system to respond safely to the operator’s worse mistake has made our built panels being socially accepted everywhere.

Extensive feedback from all kinds of customers has helped us which design details are important for each type of application as well as the high quality levels they demand.


Designing and pricing a complete electrical equipment solution from a single diagram can be very demanding, time consuming and at times an in accurate task.

To aid this complete CAD package is available which provides professional drawings, material cost, labor time, weight and component listing for all electrical panels.

This helps to ensure that panels are constructed in a type tested design and reduces chances of error. The drawings & component listing are used by the test department and delivered with each project.

Each Project is completely tested before delivery.

All low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies are systematically checked by trained personnel in a special testing area in each Licensed Manufacturing Unit These tests include:

-Visual control

-Mechanical control

-Conformity to electrical diagram and technical data

-Functional tests

A complete set of documents is supplied with each board including electrical diagram, mechanical layout, component listing and testing Reports.


The best, most well suited panel in the world is not good enough if it not where you want it and when you need it.

A to Zee has invested in the latest technology to ensure that when you buy our product your delivery requirements are satisfied.

As your local company we have two more commitments. One is to prove easy access to expert’s advice and assistance regarding technical, legal and practical matters. The other is to perform any, before sales, service you may require. Only by serving you with the best know how, can we “Supply Reliability”.