8 development projects in DI Khan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has recently laid the foundation stone of at least 8
development projects in DI Khan during his recent visit to the area.
According to the available details, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif initiated a
comprehensive development plan in Dera Ismail Khan (D I Khan), aimed at
boosting the region’s infrastructure and socio-economic growth. One of the
primary components of this ambitious scheme was the construction of multiple
link roads in the area which will promote regional interconnectivity which will
promote trade and commerce opportunities in the area.
Furthermore, the development project also included the establishment of a vital
Dera-Zhob transmission line, accompanied by the construction of a 220KV sub-
grid station. This significant energy infrastructure investment is envisioned to
improve the power supply and distribution network in the region, ensuring a
more stable and reliable electricity supply for industries and households alike.
Another crucial aspect of the development plan was the implementation of
projects dedicated to providing accessible and affordable oil and natural gas
resources to the people of the area. The availability of these essential energy
resources is expected to improve the overall quality of life, increase household
comfort, and stimulate various economic activities in the region.