15 Sectors allowed to resume operations

15 Sectors allowed to resume operations

The government has decided to ease the lockdown and start resuming daily life activities in phases. Initially 15 kow risk sectors have been identified which can resume operations following the government devised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The industries allowed to resume operations are

(i) chemical manufacturing plants; (ii) e-commerce exports; (ii) e-commerce locals few necessary items; (iv) software development and programming; (v) papers and packaging units and industries whose labour is present at their premises; and (vi) cement plants, fertiliser plants, mine and minerals.

Furthermore  dry cleaners and laundry services, bricks, plants nurseries, agriculture making units, glass manufacturing, veterinary services and all exports industries will remain open with the condition that trade development authority would confirm their orders, books shops, and stationary.

This step although difficult is important as industries were on the verge of bankruptcy. This initiative will provide the most benefit to dialy wagers and labourers