1200 MW Nuclear Power Plant to be built with Chinese Collaboration

Pakistan and China have recently entered into a momentous agreement worth $4.8 billion to construct a 1,200-megawatt nuclear power plant in Pakistan to produce clean and reliable energy in the country.

The Chashma 5 project is set to be established in Punjab. This collaboration with China holds significant advantages for Pakistan as it endeavors to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and transition towards cleaner energy sources. By leveraging China’s support, Pakistan aims to significantly enhance its nuclear energy production capacity, which currently stands at 1,400 MW.

Prime Minister Sharif expressed his gratitude to the Chinese partners for offering a remarkable $100 million discount for the new project. While it remains uncertain whether this investment is part of the $65 billion committed by China for infrastructure development in Pakistan through the Belt and Road Initiative, or is it a new investment.

China has already disbursed 30 billion Pakistani rupees ($104.53 million) to initiate the construction process. Nuclear power generation presents several benefits for Pakistan, including a reliable and consistent energy supply and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.