Zaid EnterprisesThe leading renewable energy solution providers

Pakistan’s youthful population is a valuable asset for both the present and future. Their energy, idealism, and innovation can drive the nation’s development. In today’s rapidly changing world, with evolving industry needs and the shift to digital marketing, young engineers and entrepreneurs are key players in adapting to these changes

Zaid Enterprises, a leading renewable energy solution provider in Pakistan, embodies this spirit with its team of young entrepreneurs and engineers. They have strategically and innovatively won the market with their approach to both Government and Private projects in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector.

Zaid Enterprises is constantly working on projects in the renewable energy sector and aims to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
Among the innovative and energetic directors of Zaid Enterprises is Mr. Yasir Maaz, a young engineer cum entrepreneur with an innovative, technical, and idealistic personality. He is leading Zaid Enterprises into the digital realm. He expressed his vision,
saying, “I’m seeing Pakistan in good hands as youth is taking over. I believe together we can Make In Pakistan and Make Pakistan a leading country in the Renewable Energy sector.”

Yasir Maaz
Zaid Enterprises