Well organized 27th Pakistan HVACR Expo under odd circumstances

Chairman Lahore Chapter, Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai talks to Engineering Post

The Pakistan HVACR society after months of efforts and collaboration has finally been able to organise the 27th Pakistan HVACR expo at Lahore expo centre. The expo was supposed to be held in 2020 but was rescheduled multiple times due to COVID-19 restrictions. Now after constant efforts of the Pakistan HVACR society especially the determination and hard work of Lahore chapter Chairman and chairman organizing committee Mr Ahmad Naeem Chughtai, the Expo has finally materialised.

During an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai explained that the expo has been organised under very tough situations when there was political as well as economic uncertainty in the country “Initially there was a lot of apprehension but the exhibitors and organisers worked together to make this expo happen. For us the main objective of this expo is not earning but rather keeping the event in continuation so that people can benefit from it,” he said.

Pakistan HVACR Expo provides a solid platform to local as well as international exhibitors. Here relevant companies, traders, manufacturers and dealers are all brought together under one roof and potential customers can visit and choose any product which is to their liking. While commenting on it, Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai said “The HVACR Expo provides an excellent marketing opportunity to the companies because instead of going door to door to create awareness about their products they just have to stay at one place and customers are brought to them”

International exhibitors especially Chinese used to be a major part of the expos previously. This time due to the COVID situation in China the Chinese Exhibitors could not attend but other international exhibitors from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Germany are part of the expo.

Another positive initiative taken by the organisers this time around has been the establishment of “Made in Pakistan” pavilion in the HVACR Expo. This pavilion has been made to promote and facilitate the local manufacturers of the country who are involved in manufacturing good quality products in Pakistan “It has always been the mission of Pakistan HVACR society to promote the local industries. This time we have offered stalls to local manufacturers at subsidised rates to help promote their products. Many people are unaware of how many quality products are being produced in Pakistan,” explained Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai.

The 27th Pakistan HVACR expo has been a huge success with unprecedented footfall even during these tumultuous times all due to the efforts of Pakistan HVACR Society. To ensure that all the exhibitors could get the maximum exposure Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai engaged consultants as well as people at the chamber of commerce “In addition to targeted marketing, we brought on board various consultants as well as the leadership of Lahore Chamber of Commerce to ensure maximum engagement of industry and the business community in this expo,” he said.

The aim of Pakistan HVACR society has always been the easy dissemination of technical and non-technical knowledge. In this regard the society organises various workshops and technical seminars for its members all across the country so they can learn about the latest trends in the HVACR industry “Everyone at the society is working voluntarily for the common goal of ensuring knowledge sharing among the people. We urge the people, to get themselves registered with the society so they can truly benefit from it,” he added.