Water Resources Accountability in Pakistan

In order to strengthen the capacity to manage water resources at federal and provincial levels, the first phase of “Water Resources Accountability in Pakistan” has been launched. This will work as main factor for supporting adaptation to climate change and improving environmental sustainability. Moreover, it will also ensure implementation on National Water Policy and Provincial Water Act. The collaboration has been made between International Water Management Institute (IWMI), WWF Pakistan, Government of the Punjab, UK High Commission and other foreign agencies. Since, the actual issue is governance and wise use of whatever water is available to Pakistan, it’s the need of hour to manage water resources with a limited time of 90 days. As,  Pakistan needs to store whatever water it receives from the nature, the provincial government are working on various projects to enhance water productivity and improving the governance. Director General International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Mark Smith spoke about the resilient solutions for improving “Water Governance”. According to him, this project would also improve the enabling environment for water sector reforms through better accountability, monitoring, and narrative setting. Women, youth, and marginalized people will be specifically targeted with their engagement, inputs, and roles. Secretary Irrigation Punjab Saif Anjum mentioned that the climate change had brought numerous issues like water scarcity, quality of water resources and stress on aquifer. The government is fully trying to realign the department to make it water resource management department