WAPDA to take up project in Baluchistan

After consultation with Balochistan Government, WAPDA has decided to execute another water sector project in Balochistan for addressing the long-awaited water needs of the people in the province. In the recent meeting of WAPDA Chairman Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain (Retd) with Balochistan Chief Secretary Mathar Niaz Rana, it has been discussed and execution plan has been taken in deliberation. Using all the capabilities to provide a key-solution to the long awaited water issue, WAPDA has taken fruitful step being ignored in decades. In accordance with the Water Apportionment Accord through existing Pat Feeder Canal, this will support the irrigated-agriculture in the backward areas of the provinces. Since, WAPDA is committed to support Balochistan like that of all other provinces to get benefit from its water resources for poverty alleviation and socio-economic uplift of the province; this will change the fate of the entire province to some extent. The Chief Secretary thanked WAPDA Chairman for supporting Balochistan in developing irrigated-agriculture in the remote and backward areas of the province. Just like some other major projects, this honor goes to WAPDA for implementing a number of water sector projects in Balochistan including Extension of Kachhi Canal and Naulong Dam etc.