Virtual sessions for cement decarbonization by PBC

The Pakistan business council (PBC) arranged a webinar with the British high commission and the embassy of Italy for the discussion of the available ways and procedures to decarbonise the cement sector. The industry realizes the fact that cement is the only most used material in the world after water and the reduction of carbon contents of cement is very necessary for the industrial systems to develop an ecological community.

Explaining the above point, the CEO of Pakistan business council, Ehsan Malik said “ The steps for the development and betterment of the infrastructure of the country that are about to be taken by the government will result in an increase in the use of cement in Pakistan, so we need to think about climate resilient ways of cement production”

Faustine Delassalle, the director of energy transitions commission stated in the session that there are three ways with which the increasing demands can be met while taking into consideration the reduced carbon emission. “The first being a need to relook at using materials efficiently, the second being improving energy efficiency and the third being employing new technologies to cut emissions”, she said.

The deputy head of mission from the embassy of Italy, Roberto Neccia was delegated to inform that the government of Italy is very determined for the development of a circular economy. Sobiah Becker, representative of the foreign and commonwealth development office of UK concluded by saying that the COP recognizes the hard work needed by the government, private sector and civil society to get to the targets.

Decarbonisation of the cement and concrete industry has been one of the main focuses of the business and industrial community of Pakistan. More than 28 companies of Pakistan disclosed their pledge to help achieve a step forward in the matter.