UN climate deal concluded at Glasgow

UN climate talks have ended keeping alive the hope of capping global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said “If it’s a good negotiation, all the parties are uncomfortable”

The deal has for the first time pointed out that fossil fuels are the key drivers of global warming. The talks did not end without drama as at the last minute India, China and other coal-dependent developing nations, rejected a clause calling for the “phase out” of coal-fired power. After a quick huddle between the envoys from China, India, the United States and European Union, the clause was hurriedly amended to ask countries to “phase down” their coal use.

Jennifer Morgan, executive director of the campaign group Greenpeace while commenting on this last minute discussion said “They changed a word but they can’t change the signal coming out of this COP, that the era of coal is ending,” she said. “If you’re a coal company executive, this COP saw a bad outcome.”

It has also been decided that a U.N. committee will report next year on progress towards delivering the $100 billion per year in promised climate funding, after rich nations failed to deliver on a 2020 deadline for the funds. Finance will then be discussed again 2024 and 2026.