Tube wells to be shifted to solar power, project confirmed

The Minister of National Food Security, Tariq Basheer Cheema, while giving a press conference, stated that special directions have been provided by the government to convert approximately 1.2 million agricultural tube wells to solar power.

He said the project will help bring agriculture sector one step ahead towards progress and free electricity will be provided to the farmers for agricultural purposes. The project is said to be financed by banks and loans will also be provided to the farmers on easy installments for financial aid.

The Minister also highlighted that farmers are provided with an unprecedented relief in the budget and government has been planning on improving the situation of agriculture. Short term and long term policies are being observed for implementation in this regard. He also said that sales tax on tractors have also been abolished for the farmer’s assistance.

The government is also looking forward to increasing the production of wheat, cotton and palm oil. The prices of cotton and wheat will be announced soon in order to motivate the farmers to cultivate both the crops on more area. He acknowledged the importance of agricultural sector of Pakistan and informed that the government is keen on fixing all the flaws in the system and improving the state of farming and agriculture of the country to gain its benefits.