Trina Solar Named Overall Highest Achiever by RETC For Fourth Time

Trina Solar has again been recognized as Overall Highest Achiever for the outstanding performance of its Vertex N 700W series modules in the RETC 2023 PV Module Index Report, published recently. This is the fourth time Trina Solar has been honored with the accolade, exemplifying its leadership in the PV industry.

The annual report evaluates products in terms of quality, performance and reliability, providing a reference for stakeholders about products based on comparative test results.

In reliability test, a company is said to have attained High Achievement if power degradation of its product is less than -2%. Trina Solar was given High Achievement in Reliability in respect to all test sequences: DH2000, PID, SDML and TC 600. Performance in DH2000 was particularly notable, with Vertex N 700W series modules showing degradation of as low as -0.87% and -0.96%.

There is no doubt that modules with higher energy yield can give investors and end users the greatest level of confidence. Trina Solar was accorded High Achievement in Performance with outstanding performance in PID and LeTID. RETC’s PID test is twice as rigorous as that for IEC. Vertex N 700W series modules have degradation of just -0.59% and -0.53% after PID test, way better than other testing modules and only show degradation of just -0.09% and -0.17% after RETC LeTID test.

In quality test, Trina Solar Vertex N 700W series modules fully passed thresher test, and performed very well. As a leader in PV industry, Trina Solar conducts rigorous quality control from the design stage and is devoted to providing high-quality products to global customers.