The team behind the Pakistan HVACR Expo has displayed tremendous energy and professionalism in handling the challenges

Mr. Ahmed Nawaz, President Pakistan HVACR Society talks to Engineering Post

The Pakistan HVACR Expo has finally arrived, showcasing the remarkable collaboration between the Pakistan HVACR Society and ASHRAE Pakistan. Despite the challenges posed by political instability, the diligent and energetic team behind the expo has successfully convinced exhibitors to participate. Through extensive meet-ups and professional handling, the team has achieved an impressive booking rate. This year’s expo marks a significant milestone with the restoration of ties between the two organizations and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ASHRAE Pakistan. With renowned industry professionals in attendance and a range of exciting developments, the expo promises to be a crucial platform for knowledge dissemination and industry growth. During an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Mr. Ahmed Nawaz, President Pakistan HVACR Society said “The team behind the Pakistan HVACR Expo has displayed tremendous energy and professionalism in handling the challenges that arose due to the prevailing political instability. Their dedication and commitment have played a pivotal role in convincing exhibitors to participate, resulting in a remarkable 75 percent booking rate.”

Political instability often has a detrimental impact on the economy, making it challenging to organize large-scale events. However, the Pakistan HVACR Society demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination in the face of these obstacles. Convincing exhibitors to participate in the Pakistan HVACR Expo required extensive effort and close collaboration with industry stakeholders. The team organized multiple meet-ups, addressing concerns and highlighting the unique opportunities the expo presented. Through meticulous planning and professional handling, the team successfully secured a remarkable booking rate, showcasing their dedication and expertise.

One of the significant achievements this year is the reconciliation and collaboration between the Pakistan HVACR Society and ASHRAE Pakistan. The teams from both organizations worked closely to mend past differences and foster a renewed sense of collaboration. The efforts of the Karachi team in particular were instrumental in establishing a strong partnership. The signing of the MoU with ASHRAE Pakistan signifies the shared commitment towards knowledge dissemination and industry advancement. The presence of Engr. Farooq Mehboob, President of ASHRAE International, at the MoU signing ceremony further demonstrates the seriousness and dedication of ASHRAE in strengthening this alliance. “The collaboration with ASHRAE Pakistan is a significant achievement for us. The signing of the MoU signifies our common goal of knowledge dissemination,” Said Mr. Ahmed Nawaz.

Additionally, the introduction of a Consultants Lounge adds a new dimension to the event. This exclusive space allows participants to have back-to-back meetings with renowned consultants, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration. It serves as a valuable complement to the conference, further enhancing the expo’s role as a platform for disseminating industry insights.

President Ahmed Nawaz himself took on significant responsibilities, working tirelessly to ensure the success of the expo. His unwavering commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities has been the driving force behind the society’s progress. Additionally, the membership campaign launched under his leadership has yielded outstanding results, with 550 new members joining the society. “The success of the membership campaign has been unprecedented. Adding 550 members during this tenure is a significant milestone for our society. It reflects the growing recognition of our efforts and the value we provide to the HVACR industry. We will continue to expand our membership base and strengthen our collective voice,” explained Mr Ahmed Nawaz. These efforts have not only expanded the society’s reach but also strengthened its collective voice in advocating for the HVACR industry.

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ahmed Nawaz, President of the Pakistan HVACR Society, the organization has made significant strides towards its goals. Mr. Ahmed Nawaz provided clear direction and guidance to the team, ensuring that the Pakistan HVACR Expo would be a resounding success. His dedication to the industry and tireless efforts in overcoming challenges has been truly commendable. Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui, Chairman of the Karachi Chapter of the Pakistan HVACR Society deserves special recognition for his exceptional initiative and hard work. Despite the tight deadline of six months, Mr. Zeeshan worked diligently to address exhibitor concerns and foster a positive environment for collaboration with ASHRAE Pakistan. His outstanding contributions and ability to exceed expectations have set a new standard for excellence within the society. “Our vision has been to transform negatives into positives, ensuring that we create an environment where exhibitors and industry professionals can thrive. I am proud of the exceptional efforts of Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui, Chairman of the Karachi Chapter, who exceeded expectations in addressing exhibitor concerns and fostering collaboration with ASHRAE Pakistan,” added President Pakistan HVACR Society.

President Ahmed Nawaz recognized the importance of collaboration and unity within the HVACR community. To increase footfall at the expo, he engaged with the business community by holding productive meetings with the Lahore and Rawalpindi chambers of commerce. These interactions fostered a sense of partnership and ensured broader industry involvement in the expo. By actively reaching out to diverse stakeholders, President Ahmed Nawaz and the team aimed to create a platform that encompasses all sectors related to HVACR. “To increase footfall at the expo, we actively engaged with the Lahore and Rawalpindi chambers of commerce. Our goal was to ensure that the business community recognizes the importance of the HVACR industry and actively participates in the expo. These efforts have been instrumental in fostering unity and expanding the spectrum of stakeholders involved,” explained Mr Ahmed Nawaz during the conversation with Engineering Post

The society’s robust social media presence has been instrumental in generating hype for the HVACR Expo. With an impressive following on Facebook, the society effectively utilized these platforms to disseminate information, engage with the audience, and create anticipation for the event. This year, the expo expects to surpass previous attendance records, with an estimated 30,000+ visitors eagerly anticipated.

To ensure a level playing field for all exhibitors, the expo organizers have implemented designated entry and exit points. This strategy guarantees that every exhibitor has an equal opportunity to showcase their products and services, fostering healthy competition and a fair business environment.

The introduction of the “Made in Pakistan” zone in this year’s Pakistan HVACR Expo is a commendable initiative that highlights the society’s commitment to promoting local industries and products. This dedicated zone serves as a platform to showcase the capabilities, innovation, and quality of HVACR products manufactured within Pakistan. By establishing the “Made in Pakistan” zone, the expo organizers have not only provided a valuable opportunity for local manufacturers to exhibit their products but have also emphasized the importance of supporting home-grown industries. This initiative contributes to the growth of the domestic economy, creates employment opportunities, and fosters a sense of pride in Pakistani-made products. Furthermore, the marketing aspects added to the “Made in Pakistan” zone provide an additional boost to local manufacturers. With increased visibility and targeted promotion, these companies can gain recognition both within the industry and among potential customers. This marketing focus enhances the competitiveness and market reach of Pakistani-made HVACR products, ultimately driving their acceptance and demand. Furthermore, the Pakistan HVACR Expo has broadened its scope by inviting building materials and fire-fighting companies. This diversification ensures a more comprehensive representation of the HVACR industry and its allied sectors. Recognizing that expos serve as gateways to success and progress, the expo organizers have taken a proactive approach to engage all relevant stakeholders.