The role of the Media Team in the success of HVACR Expo

Mr. Shahrukh Manzoor, Media Secretary Pakistan HVACR Society

Being the Pakistan HVACR Society’s media secretary is a privilege. The chance to support the expansion and development of the HVACR sector in Pakistan excites me. I’m looking forward to collaborating closely with the media to highlight society-led efforts to advance the industry, promote industry best practices, and increase awareness of the significance of HVACR technology. We can work together to create a more efficient and sustainable future for Pakistan’s HVACR sector.

Recovering the Pakistan HVACR Society’s Facebook page, which had 15,000 followers, was an important work that I completed with the assistance of devoted IT professionals. Our team had a difficulty because of the previously mismanaged page, but we were committed to fixing it for the sake of the society and its members.  In order to regain the page, we used a methodical strategy that involved confirming ownership, getting in touch with Facebook support, and supplying any required paperwork.

We have put in place a complete media management and planning approach to make sure the expo is a success. The essential components of this plan will be the following:

Media Partnerships: We forged alliances with pertinent media organizations, such as periodicals focused on a certain industry, TV networks, internet platforms, and newspapers. Media Invitations: We invited journalists, writers, and influencers to the expo so they may cover the event by sending them personalized invites.

Social Media Campaigns: To generate buzz and interact with our target audience, we make use of social media networks. For the purpose of generating interest and promoting attendance, interesting information such as behind-the-scenes looks, speaker interviews, and exhibitor spotlights will be presented.

We wanted to achieve successful media interaction, extensive media coverage, and a favourable public view of the exhibition by putting these concepts into practise. By making these efforts, we increased the event’s visibility and effect and make it a leading platform for the HVACR sector in Pakistan.

The Pakistan HVACR Society’s media secretary has a key and complex role in advancing the organization’s goals, interacting with business leaders, and encouraging communication among HVACR experts. This involves the following:

Industry Outreach: To develop solid partnerships and collaboration, I aggressively reach out to important stakeholders such professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and industry experts.

Event Promotion: I collaborate closely with committees and event planners to promote conferences, exhibits, and other business events run by the organization or funded by it. This entails producing engaging material, distributing press releases, arranging for media coverage, and asking people from the business to take part in these events.

Media Relations: I build and preserve strong connections with media organizations, journalists, and reporters in my role as media secretary.

I would like to send my sincere congratulations to the whole organisation team for their dedication of time, energy, and enthusiasm to the upcoming exhibition and conference in Karachi on June 8, 9, and 10. I want to publicly thank the dedicated team members who have been working nonstop since daybreak for their tremendous efforts. Your commitment to excellence and expertise will surely help make this event a memorable one for all attendees. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Ahmed Nawaz, the President of the Pakistan HVACR Society, and to the rest of the highly respected executive team for their confidence in me and for giving me the chance to act as the Media Secretary.