The legacy of Dr. Asif Rehman (Late), CEO Pakistan Insulations (Pvt) Ltd

Dr. Asif Rahman CEO Pakistan Insulations (Pvt) Ltd passed away and left this mortal world for his heavenly abode. The whole engineering community of the country is grieving the loss of this gem of a person. Engineering Post offers its deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

In the year 1990, Dr. Asif Rahman graduated from Dow Medical University. While all his classmates were applying to go abroad and practice medicine, he decided to help his father Abdul Rahman’s fledgling Insulation business, becoming the pioneers of Rockwool in Pakistan. From going deep into Balochistan to find basalt for Rockwool, to taking a lot of stress in terms of business loans and hiked interest rates, to surviving through one of the biggest economic crises this country has experienced during the early stages of the business; Truly, Dr. Asif Rahman has been through it all and has overcome numerous challenges during the last three decades.

The business started with one product, Rockwool, which offers energy conservation, reduced heating/cooling costs, and protection from environmental attacks such as fire prevention and moisture resistance.

However, with Dr. Asif’s sharp intellect, diligence, creativity and immense energy, he single handily expanded his father’s business like wildfire, fulfilling his father’s dream right in front of him.

Pakistan Insulations Pvt. Ltd. now manufactures Pre-Engineered Buildings, light gauge steel structures and light weight partitions, Rockwool and Polyurethane sandwich panels, high density boards, resonated/rigid boards, pipe covers made of both polyurethane and Rockwool as well as Cold Rooms, acoustic panels and wired blankets. Each of these products uniquely increases energy efficiency which is the main goal of what the company had originally set out to do. All of these products are certified by international standards and are of the highest quality currently being made in Pakistan.

Dr. Asif’s wife, Mrs. Nusrat Asif along with her two sons will continue business as usual and fulfill Dr. Asif’s vision for the company. Just like Dr. Asif Rahman, who faced many hurdles along the way but never gave up and kept charging on, she will continue to nurture the company, just as Dr. Asif treated his business like a baby and despite having studied medicine and having no background in this field, it was Dr. Asif’s zeal and appetite for success that has made Pakistan Insulations Pvt. Ltd. an industry leading brand.

Mrs. Asif, who is an ICMA associate, has been involved in the business for more than twenty two years and has managed the company’s finances since then. Now, not only will she be taking care of the finances but will be involved in all the business matters of the company.

We wish her success in this difficult time.