Thar coal based 1320MW plant to be relocated to PortQasim

Relocation of the Thar coal based 1320 MW power plant is being planned by K- Electric and M/s Oracle Power PLC as the companies have indicated strong intent for the purpose and assistance has been asked by the Minister for Planning, development and Special Initiatives, Ahsan Iqbal.

CEO Oracle Power PLC, CEO K-Electric and the country representative of Power China International Group Company for Pakistan Yang Jian Duoto have sent a joint letter to Ahsan Iqbal in order for the approval of the relocation of the plant as it has already been listed as a CPEC energy priority project. The project can be of national significance as it will be able to bring the base load fuelled by coal, contribute to economic growth and increase the utilization of Thar coal resources.

An MoU has been signed between the companies mentioned above, in context of promotion of the project with the basic aim to play a vital role in the uplifting of the current economic conditions of Pakistan. The project, which was previously decided to be at the Thar Block VI, is being asked to be relocated to Port Qasim for technical and commercial purposes as well as better time management.

According to the letter sent by the companies to Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, the said project is supposed to be the last one in the CPEC that focuses on a coal to power shift and is supposed to be of equally higher significance considering the increased international restrictions to develop coal power plants as this project is being developed under a cooperative arrangement and can be a huge step up in the initiation of utilization of Thar coal which is the biggest point in terms of future energy security of the country.