Textile exports grow by 28.67pc

The export oriented policy of the incumbent government is bearing fruit as exports of the country witness steady growth.

According to the data shared by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) the group that has witnessed the most growth in exports is the textile sector of Pakistan. During the first two months of the current fiscal year the country’s textile group exports witnessed 28.67 percent growth and went up to $2.933 billion compared to $ 2.280 billion during the same period of last fiscal year.

Textile group exports have witnessed a growth of 45.19 percent on year-on-year basis and remained $ 1.462 billion in August 2021 compared to $ 1.007 billion in August 2020. Cotton yarn exports registered a growth of 67.97 percent during July-August 2021 and remained at $ 193.389 million compared to $ 115.136 million during the same period of last year and increased by 89.55 percent in August 2021 and remained $ 103.518 million when compared to $ 54.612 million during the same month of last year.

On the other hand the raw cotton exports witnessed 100 percent decline on month-on-month basis as well as on year-on-year basis.