TERASAKI – Committed to Provide Safety and Protection

Circuit Breakers are at the core of any electrical protection system. They interrupt the faulty circuit during abnormal or short-circuit conditions and isolate it from the healthy network. The core function of the Switchgear is to protect equipment, systems and people from the hazards and damages of electrical faults. If switchgear is unable to perform its core function, its remaining features are of no value to the customer.

For almost a century, TERASAKI has been contributing to the switchgear industry by innovating power distribution and control technologies, keeping SAFETY and PROTECTION as the prime purpose of its products.

Terasaki’s Tempower2 Air Circuit Breakers are designed keeping the five most essential parameters of any electrical protection system i.e. speed, reliability, safety, security and sensitivity. The TemPower2 ACB’s robust safety features make it a perfect choice for critical applications where longer downtimes cannot be afforded (e.g. in hospitals, data centers, banks), and in harsh environments where temperature rise is a big issue (e.g. in oil & gas, marine, & mining industry). 

Tempower2 ACBs- The Robust and the Reliable Choice for Your Systems

When a fault or abnormal condition occurs, the damage to the equipment and overall system largely depends on the duration for which the fault persists. Due to its unique double break contact technology, the Tempower2 ACBs ensure extremely fast interruption of short circuit currents, hence provide superior short circuit clearance time.

In TemPower2 ACBs, the fault arc is equally split into two arc chambers per contact, therefore, the breaker itself and the system experience less wear & tear. This in turn results in a higher life expectancy of the circuit breaker and its main contacts.

The additional safe-mode feature in TemPower2 ACBs allow maintenance personnel to set the trip settings of ACBs for a very small fault current during maintenance activities. This feature is specifically designed to protect maintenance personnel.

The Rich History of Innovations in Protection Technologies

With a rich history of innovations, Terasaki has several patents under its name. Some of these are:

  • Developed world’s first current limiting breaker in 1963 (Patented)
  • The Tem Trip relay was the first to offer true RMS protection in 1985 (patented)
  • Double contacts, double opening and losing coils are unique to the Tem Power 2 ACB in 2000 (patented)
  • Residual current protection is an integrated feature of the TemBreak-2 CBR – the first in the world to meet IEC 60947-2 in 2007 (patented)

JUBILEE CORPORATION- The Authorized Distributor of TERASAKI in Pakistan Since 1976

For 45 years, Jubilee Corporation (JC) has been the Authorized Distributor of Terasaki Circuit Breakers to various Shopping Malls, Skyscrapers, Housing/Residential Projects, Commercial Building projects, and various Textiles, Chemical, Pumps and Pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan.

JUBILEE CORPORATION with its partnership with Terasaki was the first company to introduce the concepts of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers in 1976, Electronic Air Circuit Breakers in 1978 and Digital Air Circuit Breakers in 2008 in the country.

With its dedicated technical sales and support teams, and exceptional stock availability, Jubilee Corporation offers unparalleled services to its customers.