Telecom sector’s imports increased by 43.76%

A boost in mobile imports has been noted in the current fiscal year. Pakistan has imported mobile phones of worth $1.684 billion during July-April (2020-21).In comparison to the past year, the capital of import was around $1.027 billion. Stats show a growth of around 63.98 percent. The overall telecom imports into the country during the current fiscal year have been increased by 43.76 percent by going up from $1.337 billion in 2019-20 to $1.923 billion 2020-21. While on year-to-year basis, the imports of mobile phones into Pakistan have been increased by 212.88 percent during April 2021. The PBS import data reveals about the rise of around $148.99 million against the imports of $47.619 million during April 2020. While on the basis of monthly import, the mobile phone imports decreased by 33.64 percent in April 2021, when compared to the imports of $224.503 million in March 2021. The total telecom import in the April 2021 was recorded at $193.139 million against the imports of $91.159 million during April 2020. The implementation of Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) has played a significant role in legal import of mobile devices along with the establishment of over 33 local assembly plants of mobile devices. These plants are now producing over 25 million mobile devices including 4G smart phones, since implementation of the system.  The execution of the DIRBS has boosted the local assembly industry. At the end of the second month of 2021, 1.21 million smartphones have so far been assembled in Pakistan. With the issuance of Mobile Device Manufacturing (MDM) Regulations from PTA, a boost in job market is expected in the coming years.