Sunwalk to install 1600KM of Fiber Optic Cable in Pakistan

A leading Chinese enterprise SUNWALK Limited, has announced a major project in Pakistan involving the deployment of a 16,000km fiber optic cable network. Company’s CEO Tony Lee expressed Sunwalk’s strong commitment to delivering top-notch services in Pakistan. The project was initially revealed by Sunwalk Group Chairman Hou Xing Wang to the Federal Minister for IT and Telecom, highlighting a significant investment.

Afshaan Malik, Chief Business Officer of Sunwalk Group Pakistan, emphasized the strategic relationship between Pakistan and China. Despite economic challenges, Sunwalk has initiated the national fiber backbone project, starting with the Phase 1 connection between Islamabad and Multan. The company is currently working on obtaining the Right of Way (ROW) from government departments and plans to invest $100 million in the project once secured. Sunwalk has already invested $5 million in Khuzdar, addressing the lack of commercial fiber infrastructure in the region. As a technology-focused multinational enterprise, Sunwalk acquired a TIP License from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in 2002 to support its mission of deploying optical fiber infrastructure across Pakistan.