Strengthening energy investments through AEDB and PPIB Merger

Following the final approval of amendments cleared by the parliament, the government has
merged the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) with the Private Power and
Infrastructure Board (PPIB), aiming to offer a streamlined, one-window facility to investors.
With the promulgation of the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (Amendment) Act, 2023,
on June 10, 2023, as an Act No XXVI of 2023, published in the Gazette of Pakistan,
Extraordinary, Part-1, the AEDB has been merged into the PPIB, leading to the
repeal/dissolution of the Alternative Energy Development Board Act, 2010 (Act XIV of 2010).
The PPIB expressed confidence that this merger will enhance operational efficiency and provide
seamless facilitation to investors, handling all power projects, including Alternative and
Renewable Energy (ARE) projects on behalf of the Government of Pakistan.

Shah Jahan Mirza, the Managing Director of PPIB and former acting CEO of AEDB, stated the team’s excitement and readiness to embrace this new challenge, aiming to utilize the country’s indigenous, alternative, and renewable potential for a clean, green, and sustainable power supply. This merger not only ensures smooth processing of power projects, including ARE projects but also establishes a true one-window facility for all energy technologies. The Power Division believes that the integration of AEDB into the PPIB, an entity with a proven track record since 1994, will provide the necessary expertise to act as a comprehensive one-window facility for all segments of the energy sector.