Speedy construction work on 12 dams by WAPDA

In order to enhance a clean energy generation, water availability and climate resilience across the country, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has expedited construction work on 12 small and medium dams. Keeping in view the energy demands, project completion pace and availability of funds the WAPDA Authorities have decided to ensure swift culmination of construction and development work on the projects. With dual purpose interests, the dams are designed to store rain and floodwater along with hydropower generation in all the federating units of the country. The small and medium dam projects initiated in Balochistan included Winder Dam project producing 0.3 megawatts (MW) energy with water storage capacity of 0.036 Million acre-foot (MAF), Naulong Dam to produce 4.4 MW power and store 0.20 MAF water, Hingol Dam to generate 1 MW electricity and 1.41 MAF water storage, Garuk Dam to have 0.3 MW power production capacity and 0.05 MAF water storage and Pelar Dam to produce 0.3 MW energy and would conserve 0.099 MAF water. However, in Sindh, the Nai Gaj Dam would produce 4.2 MW electricity and store 0.30 MAF water; whereas the Darawat Dam was expected to produce 0.45 MW energy and store 0.12 MAF water after completion. The WAPDA has also started work on different small and medium dams in Khyber PukhtonKhawa including the Kurram Tangi Dam of 83.4 MW hydropower potential and 1.2 MAF water storage capacities, Tank Zam Dam having 25.5 MW power generations and 0.345 MAF water storage capacity and Daraban Zam Dam would produce 0.75 MW energy and 0.069 MAF water storage capacity. Apart from these, the Authority has started construction work on different small dams in Punjab including Ghabir Dam having 0.15 MW power production capacity and 0.066 MAF water storage, and Papin Dam of 0.3 MW power and 0.089 MAF water storage capacity hydropower projects that were at various stages of development.