Special Feature on 6th Anniversary of Smart Climate Solutions

Interview of Mr. Ahsan Aslam CEO Smart Climate Solutions Pvt Ltd.

SCS journey since last six years has been remarkable. There were many success stories and many lessons learnt. Foremost, the journey continues to reinforce the importance on the principles, which pillars our company. Transparency, Integrity and Commitment. 

A bumpy ride marked by accomplishments, celebrations and, at times, patience has surely made us more resilient. First three years filled will excitement of laying down a strong foundation and last three years with struggle of coping up with plethora of International and Domestic challenges. 

First three years of business, we worked to build a strong team, which shared our values and ensured a strong market presence backed by robust after sales system. Last three year of business, have made us extremely proactive in responding to unforeseen scenarios. International challenges posed by Covid-19 Pandemic and resulting supply chain disruptions, Russia-Ukraine conflict, strengthening dollar and now predictions of global recession have made us ever more aware of managing our risk. Domestic challenges of political instability, import restrictions resulting from economic crises and rupee depreciation have made us more resilient.

What has been consistent is our determination to strengthen our pillars. Transparency with our Partners (AHI-Carrier, Hisense HVAC & Baltimore), as well as with our customers, enabled us to negotiate to mutual benefit during testing times and helped us to operate smoothly based on shared trust. Integrity helped us built a credible reputation in the market, which we are ever so proud of. Commitment has made us stand out as a company that is capable to deliver in any situation. 

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and see big things in future for opportunities that our country has to offer.

Interview of Mr. Jahangir Shah Khan – COO Smart Climate Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Smart Climate Solutions is an emerging organization and I feel proud to be a part of such a prestigious HVACR industry brand. In just the three years of work history SCS got such strength in the market under the dedicated leadership that able to impress the world number One HVACR industry brand Carrier to join hands with SCS. No doubt, the group has the potential and skills to handle such brands with history of decades. With the expansion and trust of top international brands now SCS has been exclusive partner with BAC for cooling towers and Emerson for cold chain solutions. With success in just six years, SCS is now entering the market of refrigeration.

We aim to serve our clients in three ways for a long-term vision. The three pillars of SCS strength are: first, advanced quality equipment with the continuous R & D, second. Sustainability with high efficient solutions and last but not least backbone that creates long lasting business relationships, is best practices in after sales service.

I would like to congratulate such professional and admirable board of directors and whole SCS team on this 6th anniversary with achieving the benchmark of 50,000 TR.  We will definitely not leave any stone unturned to be more and more successful.

Interview of Mr. Andy – Hisense HVAC

It’s been almost six years, but I still clearly remember that, in our annual meeting 2016, I faced many questions and concerns from our management after I briefly introduced Smart Climate Solutions (SCS) and planned to appoint SCS as our sole distributor in Pakistan. The main concern was that Hisense brand is new in Pakistan and SCS was also new at that time. However, our management finally agreed after we explained our action plans, and issued the distribution letter in fourth, Jan 2017.

In Feb 2017, George and me, we started working in Pakistan, and we spent around 8 months there. Mr. Ahsan and I travelled many cities in Pakistan to know the market and sought opportunities. Actually, I visited more cities in Pakistan than in China. Initially it was very hard, and we could not get any job in several months. Then team were a little bit frustrated but still we worked very hard, because we firmly believed someday we could impress the clients with our dedication and sincere service. 

Luckily, we received lots of valuable advice and supports from HVAC professionals in Pakistan. Under the efforts of all team members, soon we found our direction and made our strategy, “Quality First, Service Upmost”. Gradually we got breakthrough, now SCS is one of the fastest growing HVAC Company in Pakistan, and Hisense brand got better recognition.

The market situation is still very challenging; Hisense and SCS will work closely and keep improving ourselves with better solutions and better service for Pakistan market. On the sixth anniversary of SCS, on behalf of Hisense HVAC Overseas Department, I would like to wish that SCS will continues to thrive and become stronger and stronger.

Interview of Mr. Zeeshan Siddiqui AHI CARRIER

I have been working with AHI Carrier as a Country Manager – Pakistan and AHI Carrier started working with Smart Climate Solutions Pvt. Ltd since 2019. We joined hands with Smart Climate Solutions Pvt Ltd for the Carrier’s Commercial Product representative in Pakistan.

The decision was totally based on rapid growth, passionate team under supervision of young, dynamic and visionary management. In a small period, collectively we secured many prestigious projects all over Pakistan. SCS developed the service team and hired experienced senior members to provide the support to existing customers.

AHI Carrier admires the ethics and professional business approach of Smart Climate Solutions. SCS is dealing with good brands and has capabilities to become the market leader of HVACR Industry.

I would like to congratulate SCS on 6th anniversary and wish them all the best!!!

Interview of Mr. Robert Hughes Baltimore Air Coil Company

‘BAC is a company that prides itself on its high quality products and standards and when exploring new channel partners, we saw that SCS hold the same values true in their business. The drive and ambition of the team, accompanied by the complimentary high quality products that make up their portfolio made them an excellent choice for our partner in the market.

Over the past twelve months of our partnership, we are encouraged by the successful market education initiatives that together we have been able to deliver to the market. Focusing particularly on the importance of using certified products when selecting cooling towers, this topic is sometimes overlooked, but the team of SCS have embraced our ideas and are now showing stakeholders in the market the benefits that this brings. Such Benefits are, peace of mind on performance and reliable operation and low risk of issues with the chiller (avoiding increasing opex costs) and maximizing the equipment life span.

We are looking forward to seeing further success in our current initiatives and we are sure that the momentum we currently see will only continue.


Serving every sector with the best HVAC Equipment and Services

Success of a company can easily be judged by the satisfaction level of their customers/clients, how much a company retains its repeated clients and the level of trust. In HVACR industry every new day, there is a new client in different sector. We have structured ourselves in a way to capitalize on new opportunities whilst retaining existing customer’s base.

Smart Climate Solutions has secured more than 35% Business from repeated customers in the field of Hospitality, Office buildings, Display Centers and many more.

Corporate Offices: Smart Climate Solutions is a trusted brand in the corporate offices. We served more than 50 corporate office buildings and accompanied aftermarket services. SCS has air-conditioning to ultimate comfort and productivity, office building for some big industry names including many MNCs.

Shopping Industry:  SCS has executed more than 60 shopping malls, display centers, and super markets projects. This is backed by 24/7 service support for uninterrupted comfort.

Hospitality & Apartments: We crossed a benchmark of 10,000 TR awarded projects in this segment. Local hotels to world leading international chains have trusted SCS with world’s best HVAC Brands.

Hospital & Health Care: Another emerging sector in which SCS has made a mark is hospitals and health care. From private to government sectors, SCS was awarded more than 30 Projects with 10,000 TR capacity. These buildings were comforted with hygienic solutions with diverse machines.

Government Sector: In addition to the success in private and corporate sectors, SCS has successfully named more than 20 government projects in every sector, exceeding the 10,000 TR capacity in total. Hospitals to airports, metros to power sectors, educational institutions to office building, financial institutions etc, no sector of government organizations is left unserved.

Textile & Industry:   More than 20 textiles & Industries in last three years have entrusted SCS. In the past, SCS was pleased to execute projects with Silver LEEDS Certifications. In recent times, we have been awarded projects with Gold LEEDS Certifications.

Residential Projects: Increasingly, we are entering the residential Sector, where now a total of 30 residential Projects were air conditioned through Hisense VRF. These projects are using Hisense smart control systems catered for easy scheduling, remote access and electricity savings.

Smart Climate Solutions After Sales & Service Division

 Best Services for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Interview of Yasin Bashir – Country Head Service

Since its inception, SCS emphasis on developing a fully equipped, technically capable and customer oriented service organization has produced fantastic results. A service organization with a philosophy of continuous improvement has brought the company closer to its vision of being recognized as a self-sustainable service organization.

A single defining factor in SCS success story has been a robust After Sales system. A system, which integrates Five, attributes to develop a product, which is customer oriented, quick in response and results driven.

1.        Technical Strength

We are proud to have a service company, which is capable of handling any HVACR equipment. We have achieved this through recruitment of highly trained staff which shares our values and through a continuous training program. Fully equipped with service tools, our teams are capable for operating, maintaining, testing, commissioning and troubleshooting a system at any application. 

2.        Timely response

SCS is currently responsible for providing services at some of most critical applications, where a quick response is of utmost importance. We have progressed to continuously improve our response time through systems in place. Today, we are proud to have achieved our ambitiously set goals and aim to keep a close eye to look for rooms for further improvements.

3.        Continuous Trainings

We have progressed to develop a system of training focused for every tier in our service organization. SCS goal is to be seen as an institution where human resources are developed with time with technical and soft skills. We have worked over time with our partners to develop product specialists who are always learning new skills and techniques.

4.        Internet of Things

With an aim to use software’s, internet and sensors, SCS has worked closely with its partners, to respond prior to a breakdown happens. We introduced in Pakistan, Carrier’s Connected Services and Hisense HVAC Hi-MIT solutions to integrate multiple machines over a single platform. We are serving multiple clients with such technologies for a smooth, hassle free operation and longer system time.

5.        Structure and Internal processes

For all of above four attributes to produce results, we have established a structure to be driven to exceed customer expectations. We keep improving our processes, which makes us flexible to respond quickly and as situation demands.

Our After Sales System has gained immense recognition and brought us closer to SCS vision of the most reliable business partner for HVACR.