SMEDA’s Performance

Engineering Post Report

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) accomplished the following during financial year 2020-21 as for as its performance was concerned in brief according to information now available from SMEDA sources.

Under the National Business Development Programme for Small and Medium Enterprises, a Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP)  funded project, SMEDA had conducted 108 training programmes with 6158 participants during July to December 2020 and established  16 stitching units  by providing grant of up to 60 per cent of machinery cost of stitching units.

Since the launch of SMEDA One Window in September 2020, around 37 applications had been received while Letter of Intent (LOI) had been issued to 31 applicants.

During the period under report, SMEDA had facilitated 3797 SMEs and provided   Rs 178.48 million as loans, conducted 117 Training Programmes and 67 Thematic Helpdesks, and developed 38 Pre-Feasibility  Studies and 6 Business Plans. Additionally,  around 14Cluster and District Economic Profiles Development and OTC products  were also developed.

Employees Social  Security Institution (ESSI)  had extended  social security services to 90,000 workers of industrial and commercial  establishments along with their 540,000 dependents.