SME policy officially launched

A ceremony was held under the supervision of Prime minister Imran Khan to officially launch the policy for small and medium enterprises. Along with the launch, the PM also warned the companies and individuals creating hurdles in the import and export process, of serious action against them if they continue to do so.

The PM addressed the ceremony and spoke of his views on the matter as well as highlighted the benefits and the progress that the policy will be bringing to the general trade in the country. During his speech, he also warned the companies hindering the exports and said that strict action will be taken in this regard. He said that that the government has decided to take strict and firm action against any force resisting the sector creating job opportunities and being a step towards development in the agriculture and industrial division.

He said that various regulations have been made that have played a key role in the prevention of growth of the SMEs but the government of Pakistan has tried its best to minimize the resistance created by these regulations. He said that the policy will be extremely beneficial for the economy of the society as it will promote small businesses and trading opportunities for the youth.

He said that the government of Pakistan has been facing extreme challenges and hurdles since the country’s economic requirements were in dire need of attention and was helped by Saudi Arabia, UAE and China. This was followed by the crisis created due to the corona virus pandemic which was handled by the government in a very efficient manner and was acknowledged worldwide. The Prime Minister stated that the current government will successfully increase the revenue to 8 trillion rupees as it had promised. This will be achievable through efficient automation and the track and trace system to check for the tax evaders. NADRA has also been working on a software to trace the people who have not been paying taxes.