Sindh Solar Energy project approved with revised cost

The ECNEC has approved the revised Project Concept-I (PC-I) of the Sindh Solar Energy Project
(SSEP). The project is being implemented by the Energy Department of the Government of
Sindh in the Sindh province.
The revised cost of the project now stands at Rs27,418.13 million (@1 USD=Rs.285.48),
including foreign exchange component (FEC) of Rs24,265.57 million. The original cost, as per
the initial PC-I, was Rs12.848 billion.
The project faced a one-year delay in its commencement due to the disruptions caused by the
COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Consequently, an extension of 22 months has been requested,
along with changes to the approved budget and scope of work. The project aims to enhance
energy security and fulfill Pakistan’s international obligations regarding climate change. It also
intends to provide electricity access to the 27 percent of the population currently without it,
according to project documents.
The financing for this project is to be obtained through a $100 million loan from the World
Bank’s International Development Association (IDA), covering 95.2 percent of the total cost,
and a contribution of $5 million from the Government of Sindh, accounting for 4.7 percent of
the cost. The ongoing project aligns with the goals of improving energy security and meeting
climate change commitments.