Sindh energy department progressing towards solar Energy

A meeting regarding the Sindh Solar energy project was held at the office of Sindh energy department earlier. The project is headed by Sindh minister of energy Imtiaz Ahmad Sheikh. The meeting was held to announce that the local consumers will now be able to get their hand son any required equipment regarding solar energy as the vendors are all set to open up their selling businesses in almost all the districts of the province.
It was also ordered in the meeting to provide an efficient solar power system to the citizens of the province. The government of Sindh has managed to provide a source of clean and green unrestrictive supply of energy through solar power with the help of World Bank. It was instructed to adapt all measures possible to ensure the smooth supply of electricity to the province and the vendors were instructed to show complete cooperation in order for the consumers to install solar units in their households. The microfinance Investors were also asked to cooperate and work progressively to provide power supply to the energy deprived citizen’s of the province.
Sindh government officials, microfinance Investors, solar energy providers and vendors and representatives from Sindh energy department were a part of the meeting.