Sheraz Corporation expanding their scope

A candid conversation with Mr.Danish Asghar, Sales & Marketing Manager, Sheraz Corporation

Sheraz Corporation is a highly reputable company with a long-standing reputation in the valve distribution industry. The company’s main focus is on the South region of Pakistan, where they have built a loyal client base over the years. As an authorized distributor of renowned Japanese valve brands such as Kitz, Venn, Yoshitake, and TLV, Sheraz Corporation, is known for delivering high quality products and services to their customers.

Mr. Danish Asghar, the Sales & Marketing Manager of Sheraz Corporation during a recent conversation with Engineering Post explained that the company has been in business for the last 30-40 years, and during this time, they have built a strong reputation for delivering quality products and services. “We have always aimed to provide the best products and services to our clients, and that’s what has helped us build a strong reputation in the market.” he said.

One of the significant challenges faced by Sheraz Corporation is the issue of counterfeit products in the market. Many copies of Kitz valves are produced, which are not authentic. Mr. Danish Asghar explains, “There are many copies of Kitz valves being sold in the market, which are not genuine. To avoid this, we always advise our clients to buy from authorized distributors like us.”

To ensure that they provide quality products to their clients, Sheraz Corporation has put in place measures to ensure that all their products have the necessary certifications and import documents. Mr. Danish Asghar notes, “We have all the necessary documentation and records of our products available for clients to access. This ensures that our clients receive quality products that meet their needs.”

Sheraz Corporation has been involved in several distinguished projects in Pakistan, such as the Pak Arab Refinery, Kot Adu power plant, Gul Ahmed, Sammi Pharma, National Refinery Limited,  Pel Tower, Emaar, Bahria Town, and many others. Mr. Danish Asghar says, “We take pride in our involvement in these projects, as it shows the level of trust that clients have in us. Recently we have started working with clients from construction industry as well. Bahria Town and Emaar tower have been out initial clients.”

Despite their success, Sheraz Corporation faces challenges due to import restrictions, which have hit the business hard. Materials are often stuck at ports, leading to delays and losses. Mr. Danish Asghar believes that the business could flourish without such restrictions, as it would ensure timely delivery of materials and products to customers. He says, “Import restrictions have affected our business in many ways. We hope that the government will ease these restrictions, as it will help us deliver quality products to our clients on time.”

In response to the growing demand for their products and services, Sheraz Corporation is expanding its reach by opening a new office in Rawalpindi soon. Mr. Danish Asghar notes, “We are excited about the new office in Rawalpindi, as it will help us improve our service delivery and offer a better customer experience. We hope that our clients will benefit from this expansion, and we look forward to serving them better.” Sheraz Corporation has built a strong reputation in the valve distribution industry. Their focus on quality, authenticity, and direct access to clients and consultants has helped them build a loyal customer base. Despite the challenges they face, the company’s commitment to providing genuine products and services to their clients has helped them stay ahead of the competition.