Seamless Transfer of Power to Pakistan HVACR Society’s 2023-25 Elected Leadership

The Pakistan HVACR Society has declared the successful conclusion of its electoral process for the term 2023-25. The elections took place on November 25, 2023, in Islamabad, as part of the 13th General Body meeting. Notably, the proceedings unfolded in a harmonious and transparent manner, showcasing a smooth transition of authority.

Eminent candidates, meticulously chosen for their profound engagement in Society matters and remarkable strides in propelling the Society’s mission and the HVACR industry, received unanimous endorsement from the esteemed members in attendance at the meeting. Their extensive involvement and substantial contributions to the betterment of the Society and the HVACR profession have garnered widespread support and recognition from the Society’s members.

According to the press release of the PHVACR Society, “The Society expresses its gratitude to all members for their participation and their unfaltering commitment to ensuring a fair and equitable electoral process. The newly elected individuals bring a wealth of experience and dedication, promising to lead the Society to greater heights while fostering innovation and progress within the HVACR domain.

Following is the leadership chosen for the tenure of 2023-2025. Mr. Ramzan Sharif President, Syed Safdar Ali Senior Vice President, Mr. Mahmood Ahmad Vice President, Syed Fakkhi Iftikhar Chairman Islamabad Chapter, Mr. M. Afzaal Malik Chairman Lahore Chapter, Mr. Aley Muhammad Chairman Karachi Chapter, Mr M. SHahbaz Khan Chairman Faisalabad Chapter.