S. Korea to gift Solar Park to Pakistan

To mark forty years of friendly and prosperous diplomatic relations, the Korean Government is to gift a modern solar power plant to Pakistan. The project would be established by the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCFG) of South Korea.  

It is expected that the state of the art solar plant will help Pakistan in achieving its goal of adding clean and green energy to its energy mix and decreasing its dependence on the burning of fossil fuels.

In this regard the Korean embassy invited officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy (Power Division), Economic Affairs Division and representatives of Korean and Pakistani companies specialized in renewable energy projects at the interactive session titled “Development Corporation Role of EDCF for Promoting Renewable Energy”.

The purpose of the seminar was to provide a platform where all sides can discuss in a synergetic manner and pave the way forward for commonly sustainable and greener future of both countries in terms of climate and energy, which is in line with the visions of the Pakistani and Korean Governments.

In Pakistan, around 10.57 per cent of the country’s total installed power generation capacity (in 2020) comes from renewable sources (wind, solar and biogas) out of which the majority share is from hydroelectricity. As per the vision of the government, the aim is to add 20 per cent of renewable energy by the year 2025 and 30 per cent of RE by the year 2030.