Russian oil at discounted price to reach Pakistan by April

Pakistan is poised to receive its first shipment of inexpensive oil from Russia this month, with Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Musadik Malik, announcing that the government has successfully concluded talks with Russia to facilitate the import. The move is aimed at providing relief to the general public, who have been struggling with high fuel prices for some time. According to sources Russia has agreed to provide oil at the same discounted price which is being granted to India.

According to Malik, the government will introduce a separate tariff for the poor and elite classes, a measure that has already made progress. The move is expected to promote social equity in the energy sector.

The shipment is expected to arrive via cargo and the government plans to sell the oil at a lower price, following its receipt. The decision to import cheaper oil from Russia is expected to provide much-needed relief to the public, as Pakistan continues to face challenges in meeting its energy needs.This development has been welcomed by analysts, who have long advocated for more affordable fuel options for the public. The agreement between Pakistan and Russia is seen as a positive step towards addressing the country’s energy crisis, with the use of inexpensive oil expected to provide a significant boost to the country’s economy.