Roof Insulation of Concrete buildings can save million in cooling costs

Exclusive Interview of Mrs. Nusrat Asif, Director Pakistan Insulations (Pvt) Ltd

Pakistan Insulation (Pvt) Ltd is a renowned name in the manufacturing and commissioning of specialised thermal and acoustic insulation in the country. The company was established in 1986 and was then dedicated for the sole production of Rockwool, the primary material utilised in insulations. Since then the company has grown exponentially and now have a diverse portfolio including Light Gauge steel buildings, Fire rated doors, Clean rooms, Cold storages, Pre Engineered steel buildings and a lot more.

Since its inception the company has been continuously expanding and serving the local as well as international markets. After the sad demise of the founder Mr Asif Rahman, the company was taken over by his wife Mrs. Nusrat Asif who has been running it very efficiently since then. During a recent exclusive conversation with Engineering Post Mrs. Nusrat Asif Director Pakistan Insulation (Pvt) Ltd, said that the company is focusing on value addition in its services and the prime focus is on quality “We are trying to make sure that in addition to steady expansion we maintain and improve the quality of our products with time as well,” she said.

Pakistan Insulation (Pvt) Ltd has cemented its name in the market for being the producers of high quality and reliable insulation materials as well as having the professional expertise to undertake and complete all related services. While discussing the future of the company Mrs. Nusrat Asif said that as the company has successfully matured its available services, they are looking to expand into providing more related services especially in the insulation of concrete buildings “The building culture in Pakistan is such that there is not much attention paid to insulation which leads to a lot higher cooling costs in the longer run. We are currently working on roof insulations for concrete buildings which will not only reduce the effects of harsh weather but also bring a significant reduction in cooling costs and usage of electricity in the long term,” she explained.

Another specialised product being offered by Pakistan Insulation (Pvt) Ltd is the light gauge steel structure (LGSS) and energy efficient pre-engineered buildings (PEB). With the increasing awareness about the efficiency and safety of these buildings more and more people are opting to building such structures “Our sales for LGSS and PEB are constantly increasing all across Pakistan. We are also receiving repeat orders from our clients,” revealed Mrs. Nusrat Asif during the exclusive conversation. With the increasing trend of insulation and fire safety in the country the clients of Pakistan Insulation (Pvt) Ltd have been massively increasing in the past couple of years. To successfully cater to the needs of all the clients the existing and new clients the company has decided to increase the production capacity of the company and improve the existing facilities to optimize growth and production “We are actively working on optimizing the existing processes to get maximum yield in addition to increasing the production capacity of the company. These optimization changes have had a very positive impact on our product quality,” she explained