Rise in the Furniture industry exports

A delegation, led by Chief financial officer of Chenone, Mr. Nasir Hussain with the participation of SME representatives including the Chief executive officer of Pakistan Furniture council, Mr. Mian Kashif Ashfaq stated that the furniture export of Pakistan witnessed a 202.49 percent increase during the first four months of the current fiscal year, as compared to the same span last year. He explained that during the analysis of the period under review, furniture worth 2.78 million dollars was exported in total as compared to the last fiscal year.

 He stated that the furniture industry is more than capable to exercise control over the global markets and has extreme potential to contribute to the exports in general. But for this purpose, a plan and disciplined execution is needed which is only possible with the full support of the government in this regard.

He also explained that if the proper cooperation is shown, the furniture industry can observe a gain of approximately 5 billion dollars in exports which would prove extremely beneficial for the country. He hoped that the business industry will boost under the exceptional leadership of Prime Minister Imran khan and the cooperation that is required will be provided by the current government.