Restrictions on import of Electrical Switchgear’s raw material spells disaster for the industry

Pakistan Electrical Panel Manufactures Association on the front foot

Switchgear industry is in deep trouble due to negligence of government authorities, State Bank of Pakistan and Finance ministry by restricting import of raw material component & sub-component in chapter 85 (Subheading Especially 8535 & 8536 and others) and clearance of shipments at port since last 3 months and constant currency depreciation, around 200 manufacturers businesses and thousands of employee jobs are on stake due to non-seriousness of authorities.

Pakistan Electrical Panel Manufacturers Association (PEPMA) hosted a grand together at a local hotel in Lahore on 23rd September to highlight that Switchgear industry is integral part of export industry, power energy and utility sector, local industry and infrastructure of country and its raw material is not luxury items, stopping import of this raw material will also restrict whole industry. The event was attended by all major panel builders from Lahore and Karachi. The representatives of major component suppliers including Jubilee Corporation, ABB, Schneider Electric, Sh Wilayat Ahmed and Sons and Mubasher Electric Company were also invited to attend the event. Many stake holders traveled all the way from Karachi and Islamabad to attend the event. Companies from Karachi also marked their online presence.

Participants urged that the industry directly or indirectly linked with switchgear manufactures are NTDC, DISCOs, Government entities, Private Sector customers like Textile, Cement, Sugar, Rice, Floor, Ghee/Oil, Automobile, Steel Furnace, Rerolling, Healthcare, IT, Energy sector and etc. This is much serious issue and PEPMA humbly requested the authorities to open the import with smooth process of switchgear raw material items from immediate effect.

The participants showed keen interest and presented many meaningful suggestions to get the attention of relevant authorities. Mr. Kashif Aziz, Chairman PEPMA, Mr. Ahmad Salman, General Secretary, PEPMA and Mr. Muhammad Haris Mughal Secretary Finance of PEPMA with their members were highly lauded by the participants for their initiative for the cause.

PEPMA also offered its services for future strategy to authorities for establishment of local manufacturing strategy of similar item to reduce import bill of country.

It was unanimously decided by the participants that by following up the suggestions, govt authorities would be pushed to understand that electrical components are a necessity and not a luxury. Their import ban can spell disaster for the industry.