Resolving Voltage Instability Issues in Industries with Farady Electric Automatic Voltage Regulators

Voltage instability is becoming increasingly prevalent as companies become more reliant on utilities rather than self-generation. Voltage fluctuations harm electrical equipment, causing temporary malfunctions or, in extreme circumstances, irreparable failure. Additionally, it can affect the efficiency of transformers, cause problems in the synchronization of Gen-sets and Utility, and shorten the lifespan of other electrical equipment.

If nothing is done to prevent frequent voltage sag/swells at the processing plants, the expenses for repairing or changing damaged equipment are increased along with production loss due to unexpected downtimes.

One emerging method that is gaining popularity among industries is to use Automatic Voltage Regulators to address the issue of voltage variations. The AVRs are equipped with intelligent controller, offers remote monitoring and control option, and are more efficient since the large number of taps cover a greater regulation window.

Farady Electric is recognized as the technology leader in foreign and domestic markets for its Single and Three Phase AVRs. The Farady AVRs are equipped with an effective and unique tap changer designed to avoid arching. A large number of tap points ensures greater precision and accuracy. Moreover, customers can perform AVR maintenance tasks using the integrated by-pass panel.

Jubilee Corporation (JC) is a well-known name in Pakistan for delivering a complete solution based on AVRs to manage voltage fluctuation concerns in industries. Partnering with Farady Electric, JC has successfully installed AVRs in various sectors across the country.

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