Repairing of faulty gas pipelines and leakages completed by SNGPL and SSGC

As a progressive step towards the government strategy to decrease the UFG ratio, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd. and Sui Southern Gas Company collectively completed the work for the repairing of gas pipelines and leakages in the system all around the provinces. These included 887 kilometers of faulty pipeline and approximately 1,447,342 leakages along with the fixing of 633 leaked town border stations after an extensive inspection of over 13,388 stations. Moreover, electronic volume correctors (EVC) have been installed in all the industrial and high pressure consumer connections in order to calculate, record and maintain proper data about gas consumption, usage and supply on an hourly as well as daily basis.

These EVCs will also be able to detect any electric or magnetic interference with the connection or the meter in order to identify gas theft and illegal usage. In this regard, nearly half of the industrial units have been set up with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for the observation and on-time action on gas theft and errors in measurements. Cyber locks have also been installed to decrease line losses and theft cases. Laser detection equipment is used to identify precisely any leakages underground and at levels that are difficult to inspect.