Removal of restrictions on constructing high- rise buildings

Authorized ministerial committee expected to form recommendations to remove restrictions on construction of high-rise buildings in Pakistan. The restrictions were according to international standards.
Despite the Cabinet’s decision to dispense with the requirement of NOC from CAA and PAF, the practice was still in vogue, said the Prime minister in a cabinet meeting held on 20 September, 2021.

With regard to directions of the cabinet the Secretary Aviation stated that matter was being observed and detailed report would be delivered to the Cabinet within two weeks’ time. Secretary Aviation also explained that NOCs were not being issued by the responsible authority due to lack of required resources but the matter was now being dealt with.

The prime minister of Pakistan stated that such construction projects would promote economical and developmental growth of the country on a larger scale, as well as reduce the pressure of horizontal construction in the cities which is increasing day by day.

The members asked for an explanation as to whether the buildings built within a 15km radius of the aerodromes in the cities like Hong Kong, Dubai and New York were in violation of international standards but no considerable explanation came forward from the aviation division so it was suggested that the committee would be responsible to examine whether the notified restrictions were in accordance with the international standards. Local issues faced by the builders would also be discussed in the next cabinet meeting.

It was decided in the cabinet that a detailed report would be presented to the cabinet about taking necessary actions to shift from NOC regime to compliance regime in the matter of Aviation law. Omar Ayub Khan, the minister of economic affairs would also continue to be a member of the committee. Ministry of defense would also propose suggestions for the promotion of a clean way of the construction of skyscrapers within cantonment limits. A report would be submitted in this regard. Ministry of Housing would submit a report after getting inputs from Provincial Governments on height restrictions in cities/ towns with analysis of these restrictions.